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Liquid Nails, live at Martin Bryder Gallery, Nygatan 12, Lund, 23 august 2014, 16:30

...two pieces of alufoil used for loudspeaker preparation at Liquid Nails repetition before the concert at the opening of Mathias Kristersson's exhibition at Martin Bryder Gallery.

Konvoj Ensemble, concert at New Nordic Sounds, Copenhagen Jazzhouse, 22 april 2014, 20:00

An evening with 4 acts:

kl 20:00 - Konvoj Ensemble

   Lotte Anker - alto/soprano saxophone
   Ola Paulson - baritone/alto saxophone
   Liudas Mockunas - bass saxophone
   Jakob Riis - electronics/laptop
   Anders Uddeskog - percussion

Kl 21:00 - Marc Ducret - Liudas Mockunas Duo

KL 22:00 - Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe

Kl 23:00 - ¡haUtUllin!

more info here...

The Cessation Elegy - New release on Lava Thief Records, out on april 7th 2014.

The Cessation Elegy
A collaboration between Bill Horist and Jakob Riis.

1. Wind, Tar to Baliene Flame
2. The Hidden Terms of Cessation's Elegy
3. Fibrillate - Wishes of the Last Twitch
4. A Rakish Gasp.
5. Who Mourns the Talus Dead?
6. Engines of Exposures Unborn;
7. A Certainty Drowned in the Channels of Memory.

Order the physical CD directly from Lava Thief
Digital purchase available @ iTunes

Seattle based guitarist Bill Horist and Jakob Riis embarked together on a short tour of the Northwest US in the Summer of 2009.

Although they had known each other for years (having first met at a festival in San Diego and soon after, performed together in a larger ad hoc group in Tijuana, Mexico) they had never before worked together as a duo.

The plan was simple; each would do a solo set and then they would perform as a duo, wherein Jakob would process, manipulate and extrapolate Bill’s prepared guitar work.

It seemed like a good strategy, but neither expected such a synergistic result and ‘The Cessation Elegy’ is the culmination of this brief encounter. It explores broad sonic boundaries, finding footholds in a wide array of sounds - drone, raag-infused acoustic exploration, straight up noise, abstract folk, doom, electro-acoustic excursions and dolorous ambience.

Limited edition of 100 copies only on CD; the packaging is handmade, with gold ink screen printed onto black card.

"This is an extraordinary piece of work, a wordless communion in caustic colours and sterling guitar playing... An introspective vibe suddenly flung WIDE OPEN, as it grabs your attention in meaty dives of DOOM, tremors that tonally rot way in bouldering grains... where divisions between each become deliciously blurred and unfold beyond the sum of their parts. A synergy of open thresholds that make for plenty of replays." - . Michael Rodham-Heaps, Freq magazine

"Don’t let the classic 78 rpm-style artwork fool you. Michigan’s Horist (Master Musicians of Bukake) and Danish sonic innovator Riis serve up a thoroughly avant-garde collection of pastoral guitar and fiendishly dark ambience sure to stimulate the senses and have you fingering your ear on occasions as if to unblock the static. Add a collection of song titles that hint heavily at Jungian spiritual imagery and what we have here (hear?) is something rather quite strange but also strangely appealing" - Ian Fraser, Terrascope

“An occasionally unsettling mix of wordless, solo acoustic guitar melded with dense, industrial hum and mysterious Bladerunner acoustics…” - Captain Fidanza, Collective Zine

“Warm guitar works alternate with manipulated tone works, and the result is a diverse album that plays to the strength of each… the beauty has been in the danger.” – Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

Transformatoren - premiere March 13, 2014 at CaféTeatret, Copenhagen

"Kønnets utilstrækkelighed er i centrum, når Nielsen indtager CaféTeatret. Karen Blixen er omdrejningspunkt for en forvandling, der tager sit udspring i et opgør med manden og en udforskning af kvinden som fremtidens mulighed.

Som publikum følges vi med Nielsen, i skikkelse af fortællersken Baronesse Blixen, gennem en forestilling om friheden til at være noget andet end alle de andre - og om at sætte sig selv på spil. I processen indflettes en farverig samling af fortællingens kvinder. Medea, Ofelia og Antigone tager alle del i transformationen, og midt i det hele gør Michael Jackson sin entré."

Manuskript og performance - Nielsen
Instruktion - Nielsen & Petra Berg Holbek
Scenografi - Palle Steen Christensen & Ingvild Rømo Grande
Lysdesign, Videoteknik - Morten Kolbak
Lyd og musikproduktion - Mads Emil Nielsen & Jakob Riis
Foto - Sofie Amalie Klougart
Producent - The Nielsen Movement

Spilleperiode 13 marts - 5 april 2014, CaféTeatret, Skindergade 3, 1159 København K

Reviews: Sydsvenskan (in swedish), Politiken (in danish), Teatermagasinet Teater 1 (in danish).

Photos from the performance...

Amplify the Arab, concerts in Copenhagen and Malmö, january 2014

26 January, 17:00, do-store, Ahlmansgatan 3, Malmö, Sweden. Arr. Frim/Syd

1. Hindi Küchen
2. Carl Lindh
3. Amplify the Arab

16 January, 20:00, Mayhem, Ragnhildgade 1, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1. Teller / Härdig
2. Amplify the Arab


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