Motion Picture at Klub Primi2019/11/26

Malene Bach: Visuals
Lotte Anker: Saxophones
Jakob Riis: Laptop, processing

Tuesday, November 26th, 22.30
Klub Primi, H15
Halmtorvet 15, København

Malene Bach's abstract, conceptual works are characterized by a geometric approach and range from purely digital to in situ work. Her paintings and sculptures are colorful, clear, constructive and free. Malene Bach explores perception and the conditioned in art, experimenting with media and genres, and moving fluidly between art, architecture and music. In a process lasting several years, Bach, Anker and Riis developed the 30-minute work "Motion Picture", a confounding color- and sound saturated performance that will be performed for the first time in Copenhagen at Klub Primi 2019.