Sound Disturbance - Inter Arts Center 10-11 february2017/2/10

Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visual, is a Sonic Art Festival in Malmö taking place at Inter Arts Center 10-11 february 2017. The Festival consists of concerts and performances by Sound Artists and Musicians from the Nordic countries, and a seminar and a networking meeting which reflects and comments Sound Art.

On the first day of the festival - friday, february 10th - Jakob Riis will play a solo performance with trombone, analogue electronic feedback circuits, hand cymbals and contact microphone, utilized in the initiation of a process of bringing a self-regulating music to surface, with soundings of acoustic and electronic cracklings, slides and currents. YouTube video

Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visuals is an initiative by the Association C-Y (ContemporarY) in Malmö, Artists' Association Muu in Helsinki and the North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) in Svolvær, in collaboration with Inter Arts Center and C’est bon kultur in Malmö.

We can’t close our ears. Therefore sound can be both a bliss and a disturbance in life. Sound can affect our emotions immediately, without any thought or explanation. It's an expression that is increasingly used and loved by artists and audience and there is a need for events and opportunities to put the light on what it really is: an artistic expression of its own right.

The audience will be given the opportunity to experience installations, videos live performances and hear music from scores of experimental music of different genres, from ambient, drone and noise to electroacoustics – and collaborations between sound artists and comic book writers in live sessions.