Spir Festival 20182018/7/22

Sunday July 22nd, 20:00
Søborg Kirke
Bygaden 38
3250 Gilleleje

The 2nd evening of Spir Festival 2018 offers two solo performances. First out are a solo work by Simon Christensen followed by a set by Jakob Riis

Simon Christensen will perfom his work "Solo +", for Zither, percussion, electronics and miscellaneous. "A solo piece going to the core of main foundations in music, aiming for a cleansing of the same. A music starting from skratch that can be listened to without musical assumptions - at the same time both complex and simple."

Jakob Riis will play a set that in his own words are "Identifying hard controllable areas of sounds and soundscapes, in a process where a self-regulating music of crackling shifts and currents is brought to the surface", playing trombone, analogue- and digital electronics, hand cymbals, contact microphone and usb fan.