(X)Sites, Two performances, September 23rd, 20182018/9/23

Two performances by Jakob Riis and Elise Brewer in a meeting with a scuplptures by Annelie Nilsson and Ingrid Ogonstedt. As a part of the artproject (X)Sites, with temporary public art alongside Kattegatleden

Place: By the Net Drying Poles, Viken, Sweden.
Sunday, September 23rd, 2018, 13:00, 14:00 och 15:00

Jakob Riis. An electro-acoustic live sound perfomance by the composer Jakob Riis of an open composition based on field recordings from the surrounding area. The live performance presents the composition engaging in a dialogue with the site-specific artwork ”The moving coastline archive” through a quadrophonic sound system that are installed amidst the net-drying poles.

Elise Brewer. A performance in a meeting with a sculpture by Ingrid Ogenstedt. The dancer Elise Brewer works with the body as a starting point for creating a place where the everyday logic relaxes and the (un)known is allowed to emerge. The meeting with the artwork will be in focus. What constitutes a meeting? What exists in the space between the entities? The porous walls of the artwork, surrounded by the distance and the color of longevity, opens up for an intimate encounter.