KONCERTKIRKEN, VINTERJAZZ 2020 - The Orchestra & Jakob Riis2020/2/6

Triadic Closure, premiere of a new composition for big band and electronics by Jakob Riis. A musical investigation of unexpected encounters, arising through common acquaintances; airy, slow, compact, dense, transparent, light, floating, heavy, acoustic and electronic, sounds and music are elements that meet in a high-ceilinged and sonorous space.

For more than 25 years, the big band The Orchestra has managed to move the orchestra form into new contexts and is constantly working to redefine what you can do with an otherwise aging ensemble format. By involving musicians or composers who have completely different backgrounds and bypassing conventional frameworks for the use of big band, new areas are constantly being sought. The orchestra's trademark is a dense and intriguing ensemble sound - consisting of some of the most prominent musicians on the jazz scene, here complemented by the experimental electronic musician Christian Rønn.

LINEUP: Peter Fuglsang - sax, Kasper Wagner - sax, Anders Banke - sax, Francesco Bigoni - sax, Jan Harbeck - sax, Christer Gustafsson - trompet, Jens Gotholdt - trompet, Maj Berit Guassora - trompet, Hendrik Jørgensen - trompet, Steen Hansen - trombon, Mia Engsager - trombon, Niels Gerhardt - trombon, Kim Aagaard - trombon, Jonas Johansen – trommer, Kaspar Vadsholt - bas, Thor Madsen - guitar, Christian Rønn - electronics

Komponeret med støtte fra Statens Kunstfond.

TICKETS: 100 DKK / Stud: 50 kr.

VINTERJAZZ @ KONCERTKIRKEN 2020 are supported by Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune, Nørrebro Lokaludvalg and Knud Højaards Fond.