Ps. Jag kommer snart hem! Operaverkstan, Malmö Opera, 24 april - 25 maj 2012.2012/4/24

Ps. Jag kommer snart hem! is musical theater experience where operatic voices and electronic music mixed in an Elektrikal!

The story are based on the life of the sailor Calle Pettersson who was the real-life model for the character Efraim Longstocking in the Pippi Longstocking books by Swedish author Astrid Lingren.

The play has partly been developed in collaboration with children that wer reflecting on the story of the captain and his shipwreck. The audience are divided in groups to go exploring from two different directions and experience the work through the three different rooms which have been built up in the Workshop. Rooms have been prepared by production designer Leif Persson, librettist Maria Sundqvist and director Ragna Weisteen. Anna Einarsson has composed the music where acoustic instruments, opera vocals and live electronics are mixed.

Composition, Anna Einarsson. Libretto Maria Sundqvist. Costumes and Production design, Leif Persson. Director, Ragna Weisteen. Assistant director, Matthias Thorbjörnsson. Light, Ilkka Häikiö.

Singers: Emmi Christensson, Sofia Söderberg Eberhard, Kristina Hahne, Daniel Hällström.
Actors: Lars Fembro, Matthias Thorbjörnsson
Musicians: Ola Denward (saxophone), Martina Lassbo (violin), Calle Löfmark (guitar), Joakim Petersson (double bass), Jakob Riis (live electronics), Emma Samuelsson (cello).