Ear Sound Scape2020/10/10

Ear Sound Scape no. 5 is corona-safe walk where two guides shows the way through a world of breathtaking architecture and lush acoustics. It is a musical trip through Lokstallarna's bombastic main hall into hidden and forgotten spaces that ends in the in-discourse studio. Along the way, we encounter performance and installations that create a link between us and the site. The movement through the barren urban environment gives a unique sense of belonging. Welcome to join us on an exploratory journey that awakens our senses and leaves us with impressions and thoughts that stay for a long time.

Saturday, October 10th, 2020, 14:00
Lokstallarna, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51, Malmö
Tickets: SEK 150 - available here: https://www.kulturcentralen.nu/evenemang/ear-sound-scape

Cast: Jakob Riis, Jørgen Teller, Silas Bieri, Alexis R. Cancino, Lola Ajima, Yukao Nagemi
Dramaturgy: Emma Ribbing
Production: Jonna Eriksson, Jakob Riis

"Paradiseförsök" by Jakob Riis A live performance with trombone and electronics where Jakob Riis, in a quest for the inaccessible, breaks down sound to explore their components and resonance from different angles. This attempt at paradise is a ritual that makes sound materialize in space.

"Train Karma" by Jørgen Teller A sonic mini-concert inspired by the incredible soundscapes that the trains around Malmö create, and have created, all hours of the day in and around Lokstallarna. Jørgen Teller looks for the hidden noise and the special melody in the freight trains' meeting with the iron of the tracks, while he explores the variations in the windy sounds that the trains make. In Lokstallarna's now empty workshop hall, Teller explores the acoustics with experimental recordings that become a spatial reminder of the trains that once housed. "Train Karma" is a tribute to the free sound in a giant space.

"Draft of Silence # 1" by Silas Bieri & Alexis R. Cancino An audiovisual work that reflects on the transformation of Lokstallarnas. Even more than an audiovisual reflection, the work is a time document that depicts rooms that echo empty due to the city and the development of society. The silence created by routines. Silence as repetition or absence of sound.
Photography and music interact with astonishing architecture to break an imposed silence. But what exactly is silence and when is it broken?

"Völuspá" by Lola and Yukao Meet An audiovisual performance inspired by a dramatic northern story about the birth of the world and its violent destruction through the struggle against giants and gods. The immersive multi-channel electroacoustic composition, located with expressive lamentations from a cello, surrounds a hybrid performative digital and physical painting in a circle on the ground. The visual, projected on the floor and mixed with performative drawing, and the surrounding composition inaugurate the audience in a primitive ritual that evokes circular ceremonies from antiquity around a fire.

Supported by Malmö stad