Jakob Riis - Discography

Various Artists: "MAY PUTIN ROT IN HELL - Вічний опір"
(Noise Against Fascism, 2022-03-13) @Bandcamp

Ole Lützow-Holm, Stefan Östersjö, Jakob Riis: "Traces of Oblivion"
(Footprint Records, FR118, 2021-04-02) @ProStudioMasters, @iTunes, @Spotify

Various Artists: "Stories of Flights Ferries and Fish"
(Nustories, 2020-08-01) @Bandcamp

Konvoj Ensemble: "Mira"
(Konvoj Records, KOR 009, 2016-05-25) @Bandcamp

Hanoi New Music Festival Ensemble 2013: "Being Together"
(Setola di Maiale, SM2840, 2015-06-XX) @SetolaDiMaiale

Anders Lindsjö och Jakob Riis: "Tack!"
(Setola di Maiale, SM2770, 2015-06-XX) @Bandcamp

The Orchestra feat. Tuva Semmingsen: "Money"
(The Orchestra & Gateway Music, ORCH CD 009, 2014-11-24) @GatewayMusic

Lotte Anker, Jakob Riis: "Squid Police"
(Konvoj Records, KOR 006, 2014-11-11) @Bandcamp, @iTunes, @Spotify

Bill Horist / Jakob Riis: "The Cessation Elegy"
(Lava Thief 009, 2014-04-07) @Bandcamp, @iTunes, @Spotify

Liudas Mockunas / Jakob Riis: "Uncertain Statistics"
(Konvoj Records, KOR002, 2013-09-25) @Bandcamp, @iTunes, @Spotify

Konvoj Ensemble fest. Evan Parker & Sten Sandell: "Colors Of:"
(Konvoj Records, KOR001, 2013-09-25) @Bandcamp, @iTunes, @Spotify

E-xtension Trio: "På bunden af foråret"
(E-xtension Trio, DKYN113001, 2013)

Ris och Ros: "No Service" @Spotify, @iTunes
(Schhh production, SE3JQ12002, 2012-11-08)

Gustafsson & Strid / Riis And The Smooth Ones - Split 10"
(Gaffer Records, GR10SS-06, 2011)

Lars Møller, The Orchestra: "Episodes"
(Calibrated, CALI117, 2011)

Nguyen Thanh Thuy & Jakob Riis: "ngau hung tranh - tranh improvisation"
(Phoung Nam Phim, 2010) @iTunes

Jakob Riis: "No Denmark" @Spotify, @iTunes
(Olof Bright, OBCD 31, 2010-08-26)

Hindi + Riis: "Trunking" @archive.org
(Clinical Archives, cae354, 2010-01-28)

Per Svensson: "Intergalactic Sound Transmission"
(Olof Bright, OBCD 27, 2010)

O'Leary - Pasborg - Riis: "Grønland" @Spotify, @iTunes
(Aucourant Records, AUREC 0907, 2009)

(Treffpunkt, Treff CD 001, 2008-05-21)

Beirut - Ystad
(Olof Bright, OBCD 16 - 17, 2007)

Rød Planet: "RPM" @iTunes
(ILK records / Rude Awakening, ILK137CD / 1DCD0033, 2007)

An Auf: "An Auf" @Spotify, @iTunes
(ILK Records, ILK132CD, 2007)

Stefan Pasborg: "Triple Point"
(ILK Records, ILK130CD, 2007)

Brazilian Scandinavian Jazz Orchestra
(Axis CD 10, 2007)

Expanded Botanics: "Refugium" @Spotify, @iTunes
(Ninth World Music, NVM 039, 2006)

Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco, Jakob Riis: "Haco Hans Jakob Marcos" @Spotify, @iTunes
(Accretions, CDALP-040 Limited Edition, 2006)

Lotte Anker: "Six Row Barley"
(Utech Records 013, 2005)

Copenhagen Art Ensemble: "Don"t Mention the War" @Spotify, @iTunes,
(STXCD 20512, 2005)

The Orchestra: "Pieces of Mind"
(Calibrated, Cali 006, 2005)

Minijacks: "Minijacks"
(MJCD 001, 2004)

The Ghettoblaster Ensemble: (7 x MiniCD boxset)
(Ssshhhhh Editions, 2003)

Toxicum: "Toxicum"
(TCB records, TCB 004, 2003)

Expanded Botanics: "Expanded Botanics"
(Ninth World Music, NWM 031 CD, 2003 )

The Orchestra: "In absence of mind" @Spotify, @iTunes
(Cope records, Copecd 073, 2003)

Rød Planet: "Rød Planet" @Spotify, @iTunes
(TCB records, TCB 003, 2003)

Beats & Bigband - The Orchestra Meets Live Electronica
(Calibrated, Cali 002. 2003)

The Orchestra "New Skies"
(DaCapo, DCCD 9483, 2001)

Hans Fjellestad: "Red Sauce Baby"
(Accretions, ALP-019 CD, 2000)

Copenhagen Art Ensemble: "Angels' Share"
(DaCapo, DCCD 9452, 2000)

The Orchestra "NOXX"
(DaCapo, DCCD 9438, 1998)

Ensemble NEW & Randers Byorkester: "Crosswinds" @Spotify, @iTunes (1 track "Three Indications")
(Classico, CLASSCD 260, 1998)

Alarm 112: "Alarm 112" @bandcamp
(AV-ART-records, AACD 1005, 1998)

Cordero & los Gran Daneses: "Del Norte y Tropical"
(Jorge Cordero, 1996)

The Orchestra: "Smoke out" @Spotify, @iTunes
(dB productions, 7 393789 96037 1, 1996)

Discourse-Off CourseBig Band: "Herlev Rocker"
(Compilation CD, I.C.M 94.01, 1994)

The Orchestra: "not as softly as..." @Spotify, @iTunes
(Music Mecca, CD 1043-2. 1993)

Frans Bak and Jazzgruppe 90: "Hymn to the rainbow"
(Bellaphon, CDLR 45055, 1992)

Holger Laumann: "Instead of siesta"
(DDGU/DDSG&I, MTB 10, 1992)