The Dissapearance and Return of a Beloved2018/6/16-17

Performance. Film and live foley sound

Emeli Ek, Jakob Riis, Henrik Lund Jørgensen
Inter Arts Center, Black Room
Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Saturday june 16th, 18:00 and 19:00
Sunday june 17th, 14:00
Duration approx 25 min.

Free entrance, booking required:

The documentary material of “The Disappearance And Return Of A Beloved”, by Henrik Lund Jørgensen, is filmed in a newly built modern crematorium where the camera without comment follows the process of a cremation.

The project is conceived as a mix of documentary, installation and a musical approach to geräusch*. As a starting point documentary filming material will be displayed in a performative situation. The idea is to work alternatively with the form of the documentary and its elements by presenting the film in a way that allows the sounds and the soundscape to be created and applied to the images through a live performance. The performative screening was developed during a resicency at IAC in December 2017.

* Geräusch (English “foley sound”, Swedish “tramp”) is a traditional technique for creating audio for movies.

Henrik Lund Jørgensen works with video, photography, performance, text and installation. The starting point of his work is a study of moving and still images, how they are perceived and what effect they have. Lund Jørgensen explores thematically how Western identity is based on a definition of the "other" and how this approach is reproduced in images. Conceived as a collage of images, texts and sounds unfolding layer upon layer, his video work subtly straddles uncertain boundaries between reality and fiction. Combining found images from different sources with newly filmed material; Jørgensen fabricates a subjective version of events suffused with ambiguity thus inviting a range of possible interpretations.