MAY PUTIN ROT IN HELL - A Noise Compilation in Solidarity With the People of Ukraine2022/3/13

Very happy to announce that I am participating in this compilation by Noise Against Fascism, with the track "Вічний опір", alongside a large number of great colleagues and friends.


All proceeds from this purchase will go to the resistance against the Russian invasion and/or humanitarian resources for the Ukrainian people.

Contributing artists:
Ann Rosén, Carl Lindh,
Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Claritas,
Claus Poulsen, Cynthia Forlorne,
Dror Feiler, Herman Müntzing,
Jakob Riis, Joachim Nordwall,
Lasse Marhaug, Legion of Swine,
Leif Elggren, Marja-leena Sillanpää,
Mattias Nihlén, Neu Drone,
Noise Against Fascism,
Noisebob Electronics, Pikblod,
Prefix Suffix, Sten-Olof Hellström,
top coat, Trauma Command,
Usømmelig Omgang and VxDxDxSxSx.