Amplify the Arab
(formerly known as Hindi + Riis)

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The French/Lebanese electronic musician Jassem Hindi and danish laptop musician Jakob Riis first met at Ystad Art Museum, in southern Sweden, during a festival in september 2006. They quickly decided to continue the cooperation, and in february 2007 they met in Paris to do their first recording as a duo.

Their first album "Hindi + Riis - Trunking" was released on january 28th, 2010 on Clinical Archives. Download here

Jassem Hindi, electronics.
Works with lo-fi electro-acoustic material: diverted machines, amplified objects, contact mics, found tapes, no-fi field recordings, no-input mixing board. The sound textures he develops travel from harsh noise to musique concréte.

Jakob Riis, elecronics.
Real-time acoustic interaction. Laptop, processing, and some-input mixingboard.

Live performances:
  • Sunday 26th january 2014 @ do-store, Malmö, Sweden. Arr. Frim/Syd
  • Thursday 16th january 2014 @ Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Saturday 23rd november 2013. House concert @ POPlar, Berlin, Germany
  • Sunday 19th september 2010 @ Gråzoner, Tjörnedala konsthall, Baskemölla, SE. Feat. Rani Nair
  • Friday 30th july 2010 @ Mimer, Norbergfestival, Norberg, SE. Presented by EMS
  • Friday 20th march 2009 @ Skånes konstförening, Malmö, SE. Arr. FRIM/SYD.
  • Tuesday 17th march 2009 @ IDKA/Kulturkiosken, Gävle, SE.
  • Thursday 19th february 2009 @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE.
  • Friday 4th march 2008 @ Worm, Rotterdam, NL
  • Sunday 21 october 2007 @ Skånes konstförening. Ystadv. 22 / Brageg. 22, Malmö, SE.
  • Thuesday 23rd october 2007 @ Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 Copenhagen NV, DK. Arr. Kanten.
  • Wedensday 24th october 2007 @ Krabbesholm Højskole, Krabbesholm Allé 15, Skive, DK.