Liquid Nails

Mathias Kristersson - feedback drums
Jakob Riis - laptop and prepared loudspeakers

Liquid Nails is an improvisation duo challenging the plasticity of drums and loudspeakers. Through feedback in the drums and with loadspeakers as windmachines drumskins, papers and other materials are brought into vibrations creating drones, wind, quakes and storm.

Watch video here!

  • Wedensday, may 13th, 2015, 19h @ Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö, SE. Arr: Noise Ⓐgainst Fascism
  • Saturday, august 23rd, 2014, 16:30h @ Martin Bryder Gallery, Nygatan 12, Lund, SE.
  • Friday, december 13th, 2013 @ Geigers decemberfest, Göteborg, SE.
  • Thursday, may 9th, 2012 @ Koncertkirken, Blågårds Plads 6A, København, DK - live recording
  • Monday, february 27th, 2012 @ Krabbesholm Højskole, Krabbesholm Allé 15, Skive, DK.
  • Tuesday, june 8th, 2010 @ Ensemletyp: Duo, Skånes scen för live- och crossoverkonst, Malmö, SE. Arr: Frim/Syd
  • Saturday, october 31st, 2009 @ Norelectronica - 2, Victoriateatern, Malmö, SE. Arr: Electrohype