Notationer #1 - 4

Sound installation, Ystad konstmuseum, 6 september - 12 october 2008

An installation and composition for a 4 channel system of loudspeakers and papers. 4 pieces of tracing paper are mounted in front of loudspeakers. All sounds are created by the papers brought to live by movement of air. The various changes in air pressure are generated from the membranes of the loudspeakers, moving in very low frequencies of thoroughly constructed waveforms.

The musical form has 4 movements succeeding in an ever changing loop, in conctant fluctuation and of variable duration. Each movement are structured by a pool af presets from which changes and interpolations are generated real-time by a computer running a specially composed MaxMSP application.

Notationer #1 - 4 from Jakob Riis on Vimeo.

Download high resolution movie (141 MB) click here..