Handbook for Synthi 100. Ksyme/CMRC Athens, december 2018
photos by Jakob Riis  (67 images)

(X)Sites, quadrophonic sound installation for The Moving Coastline Archive, Viken, september 23rd, 2018
photos by Jakob Riis  (3 images)

The Dissapearance and Return of a Beloved. Aura, Kronogshuset, Lund, 13/1 - 11/2/2018
photos by Jakob Riis  (3 images)

nb1: Jaga - Elak Musik, koncert installation at Jaktpaviljongen i Folkets Park, Malmö, 2016-09-10
photos by Christer Männikus  (43 images)

Concert at Manzi Art Space, Hanoi, januari 11, 2016
photos by Nguyen Giang Son  (4 images)

Mira. New composition - animated graphic score by Ola Paulson and Jakob Riis for Konvoj Ensemble. Premiere nov. 4, 2014
Images from the score - click for more...  (11 images)

Alufoil leftovers from Liquid Nails repetition before the concert at Martin Bryder Gallery 23/8-2014
photos by Jakob Riis  (1 images)

Loudspeaker construction, 'Det glömda modersmålet', May 2014
photos by Jakob Riis  (3 images)

Transformatoren by Nielsen. Caféteatret, Cph, DK, 11/3 - 5/4-2014
photos by Sofie Amalie Klougart  (4 images)

'Being Together', Hanoi New Music Festival 2013, Vietnam, 08/12-2013
photos by Trama  (3 images)

'The Rest is Noise', Hanoi New Music Festival 2013, Vietnam, 07/12-2013
photos by Duc Minh  (4 images)

'Sesame, open!' The launch event for DomDom's new space in Zone 9, Hanoi, Vietnam, 05/10-2013
photos by 'various'  (17 images)

Konvoj Records - Releaseparty, do-store, Malmö, Sweden, 25/9-2013
photos by Evalena Tholin/Mathias Kristersson  (5 images)

Ren Optur / Spacewalk with the Audionauts @ Hans Tavsens Park, Copenhagen, 12/8-2013
photos by Thomas Seest  (5 images)

Tyst Konsert @ Askfatshamnen, Dalarö;, 23/7-2013
w/ Lise-Lotte Norelius, Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström, John Bowers & Jakob Riis
photos by Jakob Riis  (13 images)

Klangstoffer med Ensemble MidtVest & Jakob Riis, scenografi og kostymer Henrik Vibskov, Heart, Herning, 12/4-2013
photos by Evalena Tholin  (8 images)

Liquid Nails @ Koncertkirken, København. Danmark 09/05-2012.
photos by Evalena Tholin  (15 images)

Inverted and Pursued Ferrari. Dave Allen & Jakob Riis @ klubb yoyo, Malmö. Sweden 04/05-2012. Arr. klubb yoyo
photos by Evalena Tholin  (8 images)

3D Improvisation @ New Space Arts Foundation, Hue, Vietnam. 18/12-2011.
photos by Nguyen Thuong Hien  (16 images)

Mockunas/ Riis, recording session @ Mama Studios, Vilnius, Lithuania. 20/10-2010.
photos by Edita Grebliunaite  (7 images)

Liquid Nails @ Norelectronica 2, Victoriateatern, Malmö. Sweden 31/10-2009. Arr. Electrohype
photos by Anna Kindvall  (11 images)

Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009, 5 - 21/10-2009
photos by Nguyen Maler  (6 images)

Motion Picture Live / Lotte Anker + Jakob Riis @ Brænderigården, Viborg, Denmark 22/8-2009
photos by Franco Turchi  (5 images)

WRRP + Liudas Mockunas @ New Perspectives 2009, Västerås, Sweden 5/3-2009
photo by Evalena Tholin  (4 images)

Jassem Hindi + Jakob Riis @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden 19/2-2009
photos by Mattias Petersson  (16 images)

Jassem Hindi + Jakob Riis @ Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive, Denmark 24/10-2007
photos by Peter Bach Nicolaisen  (3 images)

Jassem Hindi + Jakob Riis @ Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden 21/10-2007
photos by Evalena Tholin  (2 images)

WRRP (Anders Lindsjö and Jakob Riis) - Live @ Gallery Ping Pong, Malmö, Sweden 25/5-2007
photos by Anders Soidre  (6 images)

Jakob Riis, solo concert @ Kulturkiosken, Gävle, Sweden 10/4-2006
photos by Per Samuelsson  (8 images)

Live at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego 1/5-2003
photos by Marcelo Radulovich  (3 images)

The Minijacks - Live at Musikhuset Århus, Denmark 6/10-2002
(4 images)