Ris och Ros

Ris och Ros declares that they do not take any responsibility for their music! They were brought together by an external producer that also came up with their name. Ris och Ros deliver music without any guarantees. No service, no Wi-Fi, bad weather - BUT - Feedback, synths, cymbals, conductive threads, fixed and variable resistance, various electronic components and irresistible music!

Ann Rosén and Jakob Riis combine their long experience from sound art, improvised music and composition with conductive textiles, stitched synthesizers, laptops, cymbals and mixingboard feedback.

Ris och Ros - No Service

Schhh productions, SE3JQ12002, released November 8, 2012.
Available on iTunes, Wimp, Spotify ao.

1)Undertrained Staff 4′20″
2)Isolated 7′48″
3)No Service 5′10″
4)Inconvenient Hours 4′16″
5)Guano 5′08″
6)Drizzling 4′45″
7)Cold Coffee 4′39″

No Service was recorded at Elektronmusikstudion EMS, Stockholm, December 2011 and mixed at Inter Arts Center, Malmö June 2012.

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