Jakob Riis: Inhabitants / INTONAL 20242024/4/27

Saturday, 27th April, 18:30

Inter Arts Center
Red Room, 4th floor
Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Free entrance

A concert featuring two compositions: “Inhabitants” by Jakob Riis and “Sky” by Lise-Lotte Norelius. Both pieces delve into the concept of exploring hidden or overlooked aspects of our environment through sound.

Inhabitants is a 30-minute composition created in 2023. It revolves around the idea of capturing the vibrations and spiritual essence of the surroundings near abandoned railway tracks at the former railway workshop ‘Lokstallarna’ in Malmö. The composition utilizes a multichannel approach, blending field recordings and geophone recordings (instruments that detect ground movement) with electronically synthesized sounds. The intention is to immerse the audience in an auditory journey that reflects the unseen life and energy present in the neglected urban landscape.

Sky is a 12 minute and 39-second composition from 2015. It is constructed from sound material generated through image-to-audio conversion, from an image of the sky. Sonification, where visual data is translated into auditory signals. By sonifying the sky, Norelius offers listeners a unique perspective on the atmospheric phenomena.

Both works presented in this concert share a thematic focus on revealing the hidden or overlooked elements of our surroundings, whether it be the forgotten spirits lingering around old railway tracks or the ethereal qualities of the sky translated into sound.

Sound diffusion: Jakob Riis

Jakob Riis is a Danish/Swedish laptop musician and composer of electroacoustic music. Improvisation is a central part of Jakob Riis’ view of music as he creates possible soundscapes which are carefully explored together with the audience. His work and discography reveal collaborations with a wide range of different artists in several formats. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on working with spatial music, in electroacoustic compositions for various settings.

IAC: Jakob Riis: Inhabitants / INTONAL 2024
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