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Glowing Electronics Festival 2022 - "Hemmaglöd"2022/11/5

Folkhemmet, Östra Hoby 4-5 november 2022

A glowing hot festival of experimental sound art and music!

Very happy to annouce that I will make the premier performance of a new piece at the Glowing Electronics Festival 2022. "Hemmaglöd" is a live acousmatic piece where sounds of, glowing and personal, everyday electronics are explored in an immersive sound-system.

Brilliant electronic live music, video and coded music by sound magicians and composers from near and far. Lise-Lotte Norelius, Kathy Hinde, Giovanni Onorato, Mari Kretz, Peter Schuback, Jakob Riis, Leo Nilsson, Pär Johansson, Girilal Baars, Philippe Boix-Vives, Eva Sidén, Fabian Svensson, Sten-Olof Hellström, Ann Rosén. Students from Österlenskolan perform a new electronic work.

During the festival, among other things, we will experience Kathy Hinde’s fantastic work River Traces, where the river’s sediment and algae directly affect video and sound. Jakob Riis conjures up impossible soundscapes that he carefully explores together with the audience. Eva Sidén performs her multi-channel sound and video installation Landscape Spirit with animated 3d objects and a piano performance with EAM. Ann Rosén performs Candela by manipulating candles that control a synthesizer, she creates a unique electronic music where even shadows created by the audience become part of the piece’s score. Lise-Lotte Norelius embraces the audience with her spatial electronic music.

Friday, november 4th, 18:30

Sten-Olof Hellström, Tandem Musca Cacavit ÖH
Students from Österlenskolan performs a new electronic piece
Liselotte Norelius, live
Fabian Svensson
Leo Nilsson
Marie Kretz, The Atmosphere
Giovanni Onorato, No Future

Saturday, november 5th, 18:30

Eva Sidén, Landscape Spirit, piano-performance with EAM
Jakob Riis, Hemmaglöd, live electronics
Peter Schuback, Ur Green Mass
Kathy Hinde, River Traces
Leo Nilsson
Pär Johansson, The secret lives of Machines
Girilal Baars, R******d
Philippe Boix-Vives
Ann Rosén, Candela

Doors 18:00, Concert 18:30, Folkhemmet, Östra Hoby Kyrkplan, Östra Hoby

Entrance fee 200kr / day
Both days 250kr


Photo credit: Kathy Hinde

Acousmatic Extra!2022/4/29

Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö
Friday, April 29th, 2022
Doors 19:30 - 20:00 (No entry after 20:00)
On Stage - 20:00
Free entrance

An acousmatic concert in the 38+ loudspeaker Acousmonium at Inter Arts Center.

Two sets with 5 acts. Sound Diffusion by the composers.

Jørgen Teller
Lise-Lotte Norelius
Sten-Olof Hellström
Ann Rosén
Jakob Riis


"Alt. Sound (Sound Check)" by Jakob Riis
A new multi-channel composition that examines sound phenomena, timbre and sonic textures for nuances threatened by drowning in Gish gallop and desinformation.

"Reach Out" by Sten-Olof Hellström
A work that originates from the album May Putin Rot in Hell a noise compilation album in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.
No samples, sound-files, presets or sequencers just pure synthesis has always been Sten-Olof Hellström’s motto. He is on an on-going quest to musically investigate the relationship between the very large and the very small alongside the very slow and the very fast.

"Gruvfruns Goda Råd (Hints From The Lady Of The Mine)” by Lise-Lotte Norelius
This is a site specific piece from 2003, composed for the mining area Kärrgruvan in Västmanland, where the first performance also took place together with a video work by the artist Lea Ahmed Jussilainen. It will be exciting to try to diffuse the stereo version in this acousmonium. It was originally an 8-channel piece and was mixed down to stereo for my first CD ”In Sea”.

"Run 3" by Jørgen Telller
A hommage to the poet Poul Borum. Based a serie of Erica Modular session In Inkonst Synth Studio and private takes w several outta-sync rhythm boxes and timbales. The work is mixed / assembled live and diffused in a serie of fixed positions by the composer.

"Aerate" by Ann Rosén
Aerate is the last track on Ann Rosén’s vinyl Dilate, released September 2021. It is a gently edited recording of a structured improvisation that Ann did early 2021. Aerate took place within the framework that was given by the paper in front of her. Sound diffusion by Sten-Olof Hellström.

Photo credit: Jørgen Teller

Martyna Kosecka / Jakob Riis / INTONAL 2022 - curated by NOTAM2022/4/23

INTONAL 2022 - Acousmatic concert #6 – curated by NOTAM, presenting works by composers affiliated with the Norwegian centre for technology, art and music.

Saturday, April 23rd, 21:30
Inter Arts Center
Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

We at Notam are very happy to present a concert under Inkonst with repertoire associated with Notam’s studios. We have put together an eclectic collection of sound works. Furu and Spilulu made the “sound film” Lufira in 2019, a sonic portrait of life by a central river in Congo. Blom and Langnes’ March 12, field recordings from five places in Oslo were made shortly after the community’s first shutdown during the Covid pandemic. Waveform is Martinsen’s (aka Mental Overdrive) new musical identity whose music is in a listening concert tradition where we have previously known Mental Overdrive as a pioneer in techno. Kosecka is a new acquaintance at Notam and we are very proud to present her music. Rubaʿi is a type of short poem consisting of four lines, popular especially in classical Persian poetry. In this composition, Kosecka has used four different types of voices, recited by Rubaiyat by the Persian poet Omar Khayyam. Due to Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, we have chosen to include Ukrainian Cluster Lizard’s work “Being alive is not everything”. Cluster Lizard is Dmytro Fedorenko and Kateryna Zavoloka. We play this music to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people.


Per Martinsen – Waveform 02
Bodil Furu and DJ Spilulu – Lufira
Martyna Kosecka – Ruba’i 08:05
Cato Langnes and Christian Blom – Oslo 12. mars
Cluster Lizard – Being alive isn’t everything

Sound diffusion, Martyna Kosecka and Jakob Riis.

In cooperation with Notam

Martyna Kosecka is going to present her stereo composition Ruba’i that she worked on during 2020. Ruba’i is a type of short poem consisting of four lines, popular especially in classical Persian poetry. In this composition, Maryna has used four different types of voices, reciting Rubaiyat by Persian poet Omar Khayyam, and transformed the original material into a certain musical odyssey of sounds.

Although the meaning of the texts is very close to Martyna’s heart, she does not approach the material of Khayyam’s poetry strictly semantically; she wants to treat it purely sonically and create a specific color narrative, a sort of experimental phrasing by manipulating the arrangement of the particles of the musical material, in a sense dreamed-up, imaginary and rewritten poetry verses. The very form of the piece also refers to the quatrain, with the usually contrasting third hemistich of rubaiyat, which in this composition is a kind of dreamlike suspension of the musical action. This work was developed in NOTAM studio in Oslo.

Jakob Riis is an electro-acoustic musician and composer, working extensively with loudspeaker-orchestras and multichannel compositions, as well as improvisation and electronic real-time processing of both acoustic and electronic instrumentalists. With a background as a trombone player and composer in modern and free jazz, he has since the 2000s moved towards a more experimental musical scenario developing personal, digital computer-based-, as well as analogue tools for his work on integrating electronic and acoustic musical idioms.

Photo credit: Tiange Zhou


Saturday March 19th, 15:00 - 17:00
BIBLIOTEKET Rentemestervej 76, Copenhagen

EAR-SOUND’N’NOISE-SCAPE 2022 will take place on 2 days in March and April in collaboration with the Library Rentemestervej, the venue Mayhem and the association Alteration. On that occasion, we have invited a strong collection of artists to unfold with field-recording, ambisonics and sound installation. The program at the Library, March 19, consists of four parts of approx. 25-30 minutes each.

The Sound works will be performed in the great hall. Where 10-14 loudspeakers will be used both as an ambisonic- and as a loudspeaker orchestra. The music is played from a multi-track HardDisk recorder and the sounds are controlled from the mixingboard. Brand new commisioned works for loudspeaker orchestra, by composers PO Jørgens and Jakob Riis are being performed. Silas Bieri / Alexis Rodríguez Cancino - has created an installation work based on audio-visual research, among others in the local area of Bispebjerg. The programme is crowned by an ambisonic work selected for the occasion by Natasha Barrett.


Natasha Barrett - performs "Heterotopia" - a journey from a forest to a winter shoreline. And "Growth" a short piece made during the pandemic; ultrasonic beamer, smashed glass, ambisonics and wavefield synthesis.

Natasha is a guest professor at Jysk Musikkonservatorie and an internationally recognized composer in field recording and ambisonics.

PO Jørgens - "Universal Time" an electroacoustic composition that incorporates various sonic expressions of time and the passage of time. The work is inspired by thoughts about time, time zones, parallel universes, microcosm

POJ is a renowned sound sculptor, creative studio composer and percussionist.

Jakob Riis - “Alt. Sound (Sound Check) ”A new multi-channel composition that examines sound phenomena, timbre and sonic textures for nuances threatened by drowning in Gish-gallop and disinformation.

Jakob Riis is a renowned Danish laptop composer, trombonist and acoustician - specializing in MAX / MSP.

Silas Bieri / Alexis Rodríguez Cancino - "drafts of silence" An audiovisual installation with images from Bispebjerg. The work documents the silence and its disturbances, the silence that had been created by routines. Silence as repetition or absence of sound.

Bieri / Cancino is a reputable duo with a large number of audio-visual productions behind them in the Nordic countries and abroad.

Admission 40 DKK, - per concert


Arranged by Alteration in collaboration with the Library on Rentemestervej and Mayhem. The project is supported by Bispebjerg Local Committee, Nørrebro Local Committee, Copenhagen Municipality, Copenhagen Music Committee, SNYK, Statens Kunstfond and Koda Kultur

The EarSoundScape project was started in 2015 by Jakob Riis (Malmö) & Jørgen Teller (Copenhagen) as a re-establishment of both soundscape and acusmatic sound art in Malmö, Copenhagen and Aarhus.

EarSoundScape has had a large number of artists on several unique sites, including:

from Malmö / Stockholm: Fabio Monni, Alessandro Perini and from DK: Lola Ajima (Boe Przemyslak), SØS Gunver Ryberg, Sofus Forsberg, Maria Diekman, Maria-Laurette Friis and from Greece: Marinos Koutsomichalis. The performances have taken place in Dome of Visions (Aarhus & Copenhagen), Sofiebadet and in Lokstallarna (Malmö). The initiative also branched out in 2018-19 into a major Nordic project called "Stories of Flights, Ferries and Fish".

The new title EAR-SOUND’N’NOISE-SCAPE 2022 will focus on sound’n’noise-scapes using field recordings, objet trouvé, installations and interaction

The programme for the next event at MAYHEM on April 28th

Lise-Lotte Norelius & Jørgen Teller - 2 renowned sound artists in new collaboration and meeting between laptop with objects and distortion-beat-synthesizer-DJ.

Irene Bianco - solo electronics + percussion

Irene is an Italian experimental percussionist who uses laptop and fsk. controller interfaces. Educated at DKDM and SDMK.

Alexis Rodríguez Cancino - performs an ambient work for 2 turntables at Mayhem.


The aim of the concerts is to kick-start innovative meetings between composers around performances of a revitalized and re-orientation of an art form that in 2022 can be called sound’n’noise-scapes

MAY PUTIN ROT IN HELL - A Noise Compilation in Solidarity With the People of Ukraine2022/3/13

Very happy to announce that I am participating in this compilation by Noise Against Fascism, with the track "Вічний опір", alongside a large number of great colleagues and friends.


All proceeds from this purchase will go to the resistance against the Russian invasion and/or humanitarian resources for the Ukrainian people.

Contributing artists:
Ann Rosén, Carl Lindh,
Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Claritas,
Claus Poulsen, Cynthia Forlorne,
Dror Feiler, Herman Müntzing,
Jakob Riis, Joachim Nordwall,
Lasse Marhaug, Legion of Swine,
Leif Elggren, Marja-leena Sillanpää,
Mattias Nihlén, Neu Drone,
Noise Against Fascism,
Noisebob Electronics, Pikblod,
Prefix Suffix, Sten-Olof Hellström,
top coat, Trauma Command,
Usømmelig Omgang and VxDxDxSxSx.